Convert Seismic Hard Copies on high Quality SEGY


Sísmica de Superficie. Generación de formato ( IBM 32 floating point ) SEGY. Tecnología de mejoramiento digital de imágenes y de reconstrucción óptima utilizando reconocimiento de patrones.



Advanced Image quality enhancement, SPS proceeds to improve the quality of the final digital product. Distorted areas are eliminated.

SEGY generation format. By using specialized vectorization software, internationally approved.


The time control is strictly observed in the Z axis and CDPs in X, Y axis.

Grid. The proper construction of the grid is verified, according to field acquisition parametersthe, SP initial, final SP, initial CDP, CDP end, total number of CDP (traces) and the orthogonal grid.

Picking and applying the "mute". It is corroborated trace by trace, without suppressing key information. Eliminating undesirable explicit noise.


Original Patterns

Lower Limit Information. During Vectorization, common marked amplitude is generated at the lower limit of the seismic record. Checking the reflectors continuity at interpreter scale, the section is displayed using various display modes (gray, color, variable area, wiggle, variable area + wiggle) to monitor continuity of reflectors, discontinuities and major disagreements. Additionally bright areas which can mean outliers in the vectorized represented by large positive or negative due to the quality of the original image is verified amplitudes. Overlay. The vector file is properly referenced to the image, with the latter overlaps and carefully reviews the existence of inconsistencies, "spikes", forgetfulness due to poor software quality image etc. You can see the detail preserved from the original single I fold composed of a series of overlapping segments acetate.