E&P Data & Information Management

Document Management

DATAMAIN is a document management system to centralize the information generated in any company as the best organized manner. Adaptable for managing any type of document e.g. technical, administrative and historical documents. DATAMAIN is a user-friendly interaction, efficient administration, fast answer, security reliable, auditable in handling and best fits the budget of any public or private company since its functionality is paying less of the cost of a similar tool available in the market.

Control your business processes accessing documents online. Simply store your documents correctly using DATAMAIN and retrieve them just on time. So you can handle your file management efficiently, recovering large areas consumed by their physical file and eliminating downtime of your process to immediately get their documents when they're needed.

DATAMAIN is Efficient - Fast - Reliable - Auditable - accessible.



Document capture. It includes capabilities to scan origial documents using any commercial scanner. It's also possible to define metedata previusly standardized by the customer. It is also possible to import documents in batch mode.

Searching. Enables parameter-based searches through the system. You can deploy forms of search results. Customize them according to the document type or users requirements.

Payback. DataMain saves costs on printing, copying, consulting and transfering files, allowing more time available to the administrative and technical staff. The productivity is increased significantly.


Security. Only authorized users with different restriction access to the information is allowed. The actions performed on technical documents are autited.

Electronic document management. Datamain allows electronic documents management on native commercial applications formats. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) Corel Draw, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, Professional Imaging, among others.

Document history. Different versions of the same edited document, recording the history of the modifications from the original up the last version created.


HTML environment

DataMain is a web environment application. It allows companies to set up their own document storage scenarios using predefined metadata in agree with the clients internal politics and international standards. Without taking care of geographical location, users can consult relevant information online. It depends on the security permissions asigned to each user by the management system.