About Us

SPS Ltda is a knowledge base company that born on 1992 to support the Energy industry.

SPS Ltda is a knowledge base company, We support Oil&Gas industry applying smart solutions. Our solutions are focused to integrate experts knowledge, field data management and smart solutions to increase ROI to our clients.

Software Development, Training on different E&P Technical Skills, Specialized support on smart solutions available to inspect, monitor, improve and optimize field operational workflows.

Our staff is leaded by the SPS partners with a vast experience on Knowledge acquisition. tech development and innovation:

Aristóbulo Bejarano Wallens

Aristobulo Bejarano W.


SPS Partner. Petroleum Engineer, Magister Degree in Technology Management with emphasis in the Oil industry, Magister Degree Studies in Economical Sciences, Specialist in Contemporary Political Philosophy and High Level Management. 39 years of experience in Reservoir Engineering, Advanced Petrophysics, Reservoir Characterization, Formation Evaluation, Technology Management and leadership in R&D projects in the Oil Production and Reservoir Engineering Knowledge. University Professor in Well logging, Petrophysic, Reservoir and Production Gas & Oil Engineering, Technology Transfer, Technology Management, Advanced Reservoir Management and Ethics for Engineers to graduate and pregraduate university students. Lecturer in topics of Contemporary Political Philosophy, Ethical Management, Human Talent Development, Prospective and Technology Management, Strategic Management of Technology, Studies of Innovation and Economical Analysis under Risk of E&P and R&D projects.


Our History in Short Words

Since 1992 We have been involved in preserving Hydrocarbons Exploration and Exploitation (E&P) technical information in different countries, supporting recognized companies. E&P tech docs digital capture (well logs, maps and seismic vectorization), interpretation and reservoir characterization, contributing our knowledge and experience in modeling using computational intelligence techniques.

"The Key To Understanding is Knowing Cause and Effect".

Carl Cook IntelliDynamics

Now it's time to integrate data, knowledge and experience with the evolving technology (analytics, sensors, and control systems). Great benefits on the upstream value chain of exploration, development, and production.